I tend to cry a lot about things like Henry Cavill and Jason Todd and Tom Hardy and M*A*S*H and elves and fictional characters of my own creation. I apologise for this but I don't actually mean it.

And sometimes I blog about playing video games which I am not very good at but I like doing anyway.

And most of the time I blog about writing and Batman, and if you ever want to get to know me really quickly, talk to me about these topics. No brain filter.


Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.

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why do the Lannisters have such big beds?

because they push two twins together to make a king.






why do people say “don’t be a pussy” when talking about weakness more like “don’t be a man’s ego” because you know there isn’t nothing more fragile than that


because “pussy” is the shortened form of the word “pusillanimous”, which means “timid, cowardly”

and not the slang word for the female genital region?

literally no one else knows this. nobody. 

Because it’s not true, pussy comes from Old English (and eventually German) where for centuries at least it’s been associated with both cats and… certain anatomical features.

Pusillanimous is from Latin, as it combines “pusillus” (small) and “animus” (spirit), meaning lacking courage, conviction, all of that that.

That’s a false etymology that’s being used to justify a cissexist and sexist use of modern language.

This. It’s also irrelevant, because as the third person in the conversation wrote, “literally no one else knows this. nobody.” When people use the word “pussy,” they’re not generally making the pussy/pusillanimous connection, they’re making the pussy/cat/genitals connection. Usage determines definitions, not the other way around.

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I’m just going to withdraw from society for a while. I’ve been too over-socialised for too long and it’s really taking a toll on my mental well-being. And top it all off with what’s currently going down on facebook and I just can’t anymore.

I’ll be around but I’m not up to talking. Please don’t be offended when I don’t respond. I need time.

its not that hard to get a job

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My entire teenaged life, up until I was 20, I thought I was broken because I didn’t know asexuality was a thing?? Like, I literally thought I was sick and broken and that something was wrong with me.  I still get told there’s something gross and wrong with me if I don’t wanna have sex because are you sure you just haven’t met the right person yet? or did something happen to you as a kid? were you molested or touched inappropriately? Just fucking last night my roommate asked me the latter question and then told me she thought I was repressing a bad memory and that maybe I should seek help from a psychologist.

Like, frick off if you think that asexual oppression isn’t a thing.  It’s just a different kind of oppression other lgbta+ ppl face.

i don’t want to glom onto your post but let me add that i was LITERALLY told by a doctor that there was something wrong with me because i was asexual and he took me off my antidepressants because he thought that’s what was causing it

if you don’t think ace people deserve a safe space and protection just like any other member of the queer community you can fuck off