cis female. 21. asexual. australian

I tend to cry a lot about things like elves and fictional characters of my own creation. Also stupid good looking people and fantastic things. I apologise for this but I don't actually mean it.

This blog is full of love for the undead sidekicks of DC and Marvel.

Also sometimes I blog about playing video games which I am not very good at but I like doing anyway.

And most of the time I blog about writing and Batman, and if you ever want to get to know me really quickly, talk to me about these topics. No brain filter.


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Sigrun: You’re the first elf I’ve ever known. Do you feel honored?

Velanna: Why would I feel honored?

Sigrun: Your actions will influence my opinions of your race. Forever.

Velanna: Oh. Thank you. I needed more anxiety.

Sigrun: Glad to help!




riz ahmed for fenris forever i don’t give a fuck

I was blind but now I see

holy shit




i’m dead this is the best fancast i’ve ever seen bye

Bioware, I reject your canon

Engaged in retail therapy and bought a plush Vaporeon after standing in EB Games for 10 minutes trying to decide which eeveelution to purchase. When I get more money, I’m going to go back and buy them all.