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I tend to cry a lot about things like elves and fictional characters of my own creation. Also stupid good looking people and fantastic things. I apologise for this but I don't actually mean it.

This blog is full of love for the undead sidekicks of DC and Marvel.

Also sometimes I blog about playing video games which I am not very good at but I like doing anyway.

And most of the time I blog about writing and Batman, and if you ever want to get to know me really quickly, talk to me about these topics. No brain filter.




When tree branches get in my way

Vine by: Logan Paul

How we manage to cram such genius in 6 seconds is beyond me. This is art.


i wonder how many people i’m in the “i’d be down if you asked” zone with



idk why people don’t love anora more like come on she built a statue of her father overlooking the orlesian embassy


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loool its not loving garrus so much as being like “THANE!?!” but he is really cool and i love him a lot in ME2/3. I wonder if I would have the same reaction playing DA - maybe you imprint upon your first bioware game and nothing else can compare afte

Honestly I’m pretty sure it comes down to me preferring fantasy over sci-fi. Objectively Mass Effect is a bigger, prettier story, but Dragon Age is more about the characters than the plot. Honestly, the characters are the plot. Then there’s also the fact that I dislike shooters and find a good old-fashioned hack n slash much more enjoyable.

tbh seeing how pretty and expansive ME is, I can’t help but feeling like DA is bioware’s unwanted step-child. After all, you were trapped in a city in DA2. But, DA:O did have a good map and chances to explore, so there is that. But the lack of DA merch in the face of all the ME merch feels criminal! Where’s my DA pop vinyls, bioware, WHERE ARE THEY?

also still not sure what you mean when you say ”THANE!?!” but lol ok XD