cis female. 21. asexual. australian

I tend to cry a lot about things like elves and fictional characters of my own creation. Also stupid good looking people and fantastic things. I apologise for this but I don't actually mean it.

This blog is full of love for the undead sidekicks of DC and Marvel.

Also sometimes I blog about playing video games which I am not very good at but I like doing anyway.

And most of the time I blog about writing and Batman, and if you ever want to get to know me really quickly, talk to me about these topics. No brain filter.



don’t ever let tumblr make you believe that

  • mages are any less deserving of rights
  • you can’t turn into a giant spider
  • fine dwarven crafts come from anywhere other than orzammar


people who are like “cats are such clever assholes but dogs are dumb and just do whatever” have never owned a dog


I've never been important to anyone.”
        “And… being important makes you real?”
Doesn’t it do that for you?


remember when doctor who didn’t have as big of a budget so they had to rely on plot